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Happy New Year! & 2018 Playlist

Happy 2019 everyone! Here's a little illustration I made to celebrate the start of the new year!

2018 was an eventful year for me, I completed lots of projects for my degree, worked towards a final year exhibition, graduated and moved back home. Since then I've worked on lots of personal projects trying to further develop my work and skills. I volunteered at ELCAF for the first time and met lots of lovely creative and inspiring people, took part in a number of social media illustration challenges, and spent a lot of time designing this website to showcase the best projects I've worked on over the past couple of years.

I'm looking forward to creating even more work in 2019 and hope to take on more commissions this year, as well as aiming to set up an online store to sell some prints, custom portraits, stickers and more!

At the end of the year, to create a little memento of 2018, I made a playlist of my top 50 songs of the year. I also made a cover illustration for the playlist that sums up my overriding memory of the year, which was the record breaking summer we had in the UK; so I drew this guy I saw on Brighton pier in all his sunburnt glory.

You can check out my playlist on Spotify using this link:


I hope 2019 is a productive, happy and prosperous year for you all!