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This October, having seen many of my favourite artists, illustrators and friends take part in Inktober in previous years, I decided to have a go at the month long challenge myself! As I'd enjoyed the House of Illustration 1-inch #DrawingaDay challenge in September, I wanted to use Inktober as a way of practising my skills on Photoshop, as well as trying out different styles and techniques to help develop my work.

Shake Bristol (https://www.shakebristol.co.uk/) is an illustration based magazine and illustration events organiser who run a great page on instagram; and this year they compiled their own list of #shaketober prompts for the first time. All the prompts on this list were based on national and international holidays in the month of October, and some of them are fantastically bizarre, so naturally I was drawn to the wild possibilities of such strange holidays. Check out the full list of prompts below:

Who knew there was such a thing as wear something gaudy to work day or punk for a day day??

Now that I've completed all 31 days of the challenge I thought I'd share with you a little gallery featuring some of my favourite images I created... Enjoy!

The challenge wasn't just super fun to take part in but I also found so many other great illustrators through Shake's instagram community which was an added bonus! It was great to see everyone elses interpretations of the prompts, check out #shaketober on instgram and twitter to see all the amazing contributions. See you next year Shaketober!