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#DrawingADay competition with the House of Illustration

This September the House of Illustration challenged us to create a drawing for everyday of the month in any materials or mediums we like, the catch being that every image could be no more than an inch big! The idea came from John Vernon Lord who did a drawing everyday for an entire year in 2016 using pen and ink on paper.

I had a huge amount of fun taking part in this this competition, and loved the challenge of trying to come up with appropriate compositions for each tiny 1 inch drawing. There were some really fantastic outcomes from this challenge, all of which are on display on the House of Illustration blog.

Here are my 30 1-inch drawings from September.

Go check out the all the incredible entries in each of the galleries here:

Gallery A to E


Gallery F to J


Gallery K to O


Gallery P to Z


One of my drawings was chosen as the House of Illustration list of 25 favourite drawings from day 25, go see if you can spy it!